Ugh, friction—the number one barrier preventing your conversion rates from skyrocketing. Reducing it is the key, and we’ve covered ways to do this for customers in the past. But what about reducing friction within your business?

Think about your current tools, especially your eCommerce platform. Does it enable you to easily stay nimble? Be in control of your content? Special offers? Merchandising? Integrations? If you’re not confidently nodding your head with a big old grin on your face, that’s a red flag.

Taking care of friction starts at home, with your own eCommerce setup. For enterprises competing in the online sphere, there are limitless possibilities in the year to come, but only if you and your team have the tools you need to rock and roll.

#1 - Let the Marketers Make Magic

Your marketing team people are the masterminds behind how you reach your customers every single day. But it doesn’t matter how awesome they are if they don’t have the ability to execute their vision. The most important way to reduce friction for your business is to give the marketing team the control they need to make magic.

They should be the ones managing page design and product merchandising without having to deeply engage a developer each time there’s a change. Rapid evolution of pages in response to customer feedback and analytics is critical to perform at a high level in eCommerce.

So you need a platform that separates the nitty gritty, back-end entanglements from the design, navigation, and placement tools your marketers are craving. Enter the future of eCommerce sites, a modular, API-first architecture that IT teams demand.

By separating the front and back ends of your site, your developers can still revel in the deep dive while your marketers can rapidly turn around page and sales flow updates to nurture the customer experience.

eCommerce enterprises that don’t support the commerce journey with this kind flexibility will seriously be feeling the pain of outgrowing their platforms in the coming year (or even months!). That’s why ZiftrShop has spent Q4 partnering with forward-thinking online businesses already. They know it’s time to make a change, and what will it look like? Freedom to create, market, and sell however they want.

#2 - Give Them the Goods

Okay, so this comes with a part two. If you really want your marketers to be successful, they need tools that empower them. How about sophisticated payment options, marketplace integrations, and opportunities for coupons, discounts, and special offers?

In the past, for anything like this to be put into play, marketers would have to submit a ticket, wait for a developer to respond, and go back and forth to see the plan through. By that time, customer behavior might already be dictating a different approach altogether.

ZiftrShop makes your marketers’ jobs easier and frankly, it makes doing business easier because you have in hand everything you need to respond in a timely way. With robust tools ready right out of the box and endless customization options, ZiftrShop is a dream for savvy marketing teams that just need to be unleashed.

This includes rich page editing, web assets, tag support, and page redirects. Teams also get built-in SEO with no plug-ins needed, forms to collect and manage responses, and ordered lists to highlight products or provide menu ordering.

Making 2022 the year you go global or expand your reach? How about multi-language, multi-currency, multi-site capabilities all launched from the same platform?

The underlying superpower with ZiftShop is that it was built taking a novel, API-first approach. So, no matter what new integrations your business may be planning, you don’t need to worry. Your options are expanded; in fact, they are endless. Time to reimagine what the growth of your online business could look like.

#3 - Make Your Move

Who doesn’t want their business to be able to move more quickly? While we’ve talked heavily about marketing here (because there are so many possibilities!), ZiftrShop also allows you to create really any kind of workflow. And this smooths the way for your teams, from inventory management to logistics.

With this easy-to-use, all-in-one platform, you can create highly customizable, serverless, scalable, multi-step, workflows with fault tolerance, Extensible Node.js (or any language) and full API access. Ziftrshop enables you to experience complete control with multiple triggers, pre-conditions, and multiple tasks and task settings.


So if your business is growing faster than your outdated platform can keep up, don’t ignore the red flags. This is your moment to take the leap, get ahead of the rest, and become a leader in the eCommerce space. All it takes is putting the control back in your own hands. Ready to climb aboard? Contact ZiftrShop today.