Last week Ryan Breslan, CEO and Founder of Bolt, called out Shopify in a Twitter thread for “eating their ecosystem”. This point of view is interesting not simply for the drama of it all since he did call out Shopify for being disingenuous in their communication, but also because of how the eCommerce and SaaS space at large is evolving. 

While in this context, how Shopify chooses to approach their app ecosystem is their choice and part of the value of “owning the rails” is you can choose how to interact. This is one of the reasons we recommend brands to build on owned land vs. rented land (ie. Social Media/Marketplaces). Once you become reliant on any given channel that you don’t own, you also relinquish the ability to fully control the rules of the game. 

While we don’t currently have an app ecosystem, 100% of our platform endpoints have exposed APIs. When we built ZiftrShop as an API-first eCommerce platform we understood that integrations and customizations would be critical to a brand's success in this channel. Our vision is to continue to be a solution where you can take the best parts of ZiftrShop and leverage our APIs to customize and integrate with other applications to create the experience you need. We’ve seen when it comes to ERP, Order Management, Ratings and Reviews, CRM, and other integrations that have been built to work seamlessly with ZiftrShop. These integrations give our customers the opportunity to make the customer experience optimal for their businesses. 

Are you looking to build or migrate your site so you can accelerate your eCommerce trajectory with no sweat? Bring it on with ZiftrShop! We’re ready for ANYTHING the future holds, so connect with our eCommerce experts today.