The customer journey is more than just a purchasing experience; it’s about everything that happens as potential customers interact with your brand across all digital touchpoints. That can be daunting when you’re juggling multiple platforms, plugins, and payment systems.


What if you could have it all...and in one place? ZiftrShop simplifies things, offering brands the resources needed to provide a memorable (for all the right reasons!) eCommerce customer experience. API-first integration, multichannel engagement, and personalization are just a few of the ways we make this happen.


Each of these UX-driven innovations are musts for eCommerce brands to pay attention to when competing in this ever-growing, complex environment, and here’s why...


API-First Design

According to The State of Commerce Experience Study almost 80% of customers abandon their eCommerce purchases because of a poor experience. That’s so much potential lost business! The same study found that nearly half of buyers (40% of consumers and 56% of B2B customers) would pay more for a better experience. 

With that telling data in mind, many companies seeking to innovate are moving toward the latest generation of eCommerce platforms, like ZiftrShop, for more refined control over the user interface so they can optimize the customer's path to purchase. 

However, often there is a limitation between the experience a brand wants to provide and what their technology platforms will allow without creating major and expensive workarounds. Many brands find themselves unsuccessfully searching for a smooth way to create a multi-layer digital marketing plan that brings together commerce, content, and marketing function regardless of touchpoint.

To do this, they need to escape the restrictive eCommerce boundaries of other platforms and instead opt for one that leverages an API-first design of ZiftrShop. This approach enables all facets of the platform to be available for customizations or integrations. Without this, you are stuck trying to find ways around or through the existing APIs that are time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to maintain over time.

Cross Channel Experiences 

API-first design grew in popularity due to the rapid rise of channels in which people interact with brands (website, social, apps, marketplaces). Since buying complexity has evolved and the digital landscape is no longer isolated, your products and services need to be available in almost any digital setting at any time. 

Leveraging API-first design and utilizing headless architecture is beneficial for both the brand and the consumer, making now the moment to migrate from yesterday’s monolithic platforms to a cutting-edge alternative, like ZiftrShop. It’s a worthwhile decision to get the customization needed to scale and explore the multi-device, multi-domain, and multi-payment possibilities available to customers. 

Imagine the potential of making your products available on native mobile apps, digital marketplaces, social platforms, and even though AR and in-app or game purchases provide the dynamic edge. All these channels require a decoupling of presentation from functionality, logic, and data that an API-based approach offers.

Previously, the only option was a monolithic "full-stack" approach that ultimately limits business potential. Fortunately, ZiftrShop provides businesses with impressive new capabilities built right in, limiting the cost of integration, and offering limitless headroom for scalability and the best eCommerce customer experience. 


Personalization and UX

UX innovation considers foremost the consumer’s desire for a seamless experience. Simultaneously, nurturing this experience has become increasingly nuanced. Transaction complexity has evolved from generic to personalized, which is creating new brand challenges. 


Forbes lists 50 Stats Showing The Power of Personalization enlightening us to some staggering numbers. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. It’s clear customers want search relevance, stock updates for products they want, and accurate up-to-date information. 


Data-driven decisions around customer experience lead to increased conversions and ultimately brand loyalty. But to accomplish this, you need sophisticated tools for analytics and reporting that provide meaningful insights. 


For instance, built from the ground up for eCommerce, ZiftrShop provides advanced order management tools and analytics, including highly refined search and filtering capabilities. With any quality platform, those kinds of resources should always be at your fingertips. This is not a place to compromise. The data available to you must be robust in order to serve up rich, relevant information to customers along their journey.

Take the next step today and download ZiftrShop’s free whitepaper, which focuses on How to Plan, Perform and Grow for success with headless eCommerce. It’s time to position your business for growth and profitability without limits.