Why did I get a notification?

If you are reading this article it is likely your account administrator has configured your role to notify you by email whenever your user password has changed.

When a user accounts is compromised the password is often the first thing to be changed. This email serves to let you know that your password has been changed and give you a chance to protect yourself if it wasn't you who requested the change.

If you recently reset your password or changed your password in your account settings then you can probably safely ignore this notification. But if you didn't, there are a few steps you should take.

What to do if I think my password has been compromised?

First thing to do is stay calm and take the necessary steps to re-secure your account.

  1. Request a password reset and change your password to something secure.
  2. Notify your administrator that something happened.
  3. If your account has access to the dashboard it is always a good idea to enable multifactor authentication. You can do so using the User link at the top of your dashboard.

Once your account is secure, your administrator should take a look at the article: steps to take when an account is compromised.