ZiftrShop is pleased to announce the successful migration of SoClean’s U.S. website from WordPress/WooCommerce to the ZiftrShop platform. SoClean initially charged ZiftrShop with developing all of its international websites, but decided to also move its U.S. site after having an overwhelmingly positive and successful experience, including a 40% decrease in average page load time. A key factor in the decision was ZiftrShop’s ability to handle traffic spikes during sales promotions without having to manage capacity. 


With ZiftrShop’s enterprise-proven scalability, we’ve been able to handle many times the volume of our old platform with no degradation,” said Bob Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer, SoClean. SoClean reported an 18% increase in conversion rate year over year after the migration. 


ZiftrServices, the client services division of ZiftrShop, handled the migration, language translations, and integration of multiple payment methods specific to each country along with the development of a new optimized checkout flow. 


The ZiftrShop team helped us move to a new payment provider without having to rewrite all our checkout flows,” said Keith Brown, Chief Information Officer, SoClean. “This allowed us to quickly support more popular mobile payment methods and use the same code that was already in place, saving time and money.”


ZiftrShop is a next-generation, API-first eCommerce platform designed to address the complexities enterprises face scaling and growing their online sales business. ZiftrShop has the advantage of being designed on a modern, headless architecture, allowing it to handle the volumes and address the types of problems that businesses face as they continue to expand their eCommerce presence.


SoClean, Inc. is the creator of the SoClean 2, the world’s leading sleep equipment cleaning device. The SoClean 2 is fully automated and sterilizes without harsh chemicals or the need to disassemble any sleep equipment. SoClean has recently launched a new line of health technology products including the SoClean Device Disinfector. 


For more information about ZiftrShop, visit https://www.ziftrshop.com/.


For more information about SoClean, visit https://www.soclean.com/


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