PETERBOROUGH, NH – October 12, 2020 – AirTank, a New Hampshire-based full-service design, development and eCommerce consulting agency, is excited to announce the launch of ZiftrShop, a headless API-first eCommerce business platform built from the ground up to solve the complexities of eCommerce growth and profitability. AirTank’s experience with popular eCommerce platforms revealed significant market limitations, inspiring the creation of ZiftrShop as a solution to clients’ previously unmet business needs.


With ZiftrShop, businesses can create or migrate eCommerce websites with zero headaches by taking advantage of tailored technical support and competitive pricing. ZiftrShop also provides the crucial tools and resources to grow, profit and succeed with innovative eCommerce marketing.


“ZiftrShop combines all the best capabilities of existing platforms like Shopify and WordPress into a next-generation eCommerce platform centered on driving conversions and increasing sales,” said Jason Tabeling, Chief Executive Officer, AirTank. “For more than a decade AirTank has specialized in eCommerce marketing and development, and we are pleased to have channeled our expertise into a new platform that addresses the unique challenges we’ve seen our clients face over the years.”    


Prior to launch, AirTank rolled out ZiftrShop to a select group of businesses, including SoClean, a leading health technology company, and Cefaly, the creators of a breakthrough migraine treatment device. 


“The ZiftrShop platform provides us a substantial increase in enterprise-focused scalability over our previous platform, allowing us to handle our large increases in site volume without risk,” said Kevin Beaulieu, VP of Information Systems & Technology, SoClean, Inc. “We were able to transition to ZiftrShop without impact or degradation to our customer experience while increasing our ability to reliably service a larger audience.”


As a direct result of transitioning to ZiftrShop, SoClean experienced a 64% decrease in average server response time and a 46% decrease in average page download time.

“We are thrilled to be receiving excellent feedback from current ZiftrShop users and look forward to partnering with more businesses to show them that the future of eCommerce is limitless,” said Tabeling.


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About ZiftrShop


The ZiftrShop API-first eCommerce business platform is built from the ground up to solve the complexities of eCommerce growth and profitability. ZiftrShop empowers companies to drive conversions and maximize sales by enabling personalized experiences across any digital channel, touchpoint or device. With comprehensive support for both regional and country-specific eCommerce business requirements, ZiftrShop enables companies to sell their products globally without dedicated IT resources. ZiftrShop was created by a talented and dedicated team that also provides full-service design, development and eCommerce consulting services, and has a stellar track record of increasing sales for their clients.


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About AirTank


AirTank is a full-service design, development and eCommerce consulting agency that partners with brands of all sizes and industries. AirTank provides innovative marketing strategies informed by the latest best practices, backed by strategic insights and key analytics. With customized solutions for resolving the most complex business challenges, AirTank positions clients for ongoing growth and success. AirTank is led by marketing and technology executives with decades of history increasing sales for B2C and B2B brands.


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