eCommerce doesn’t occur in a vacuum, so when it comes to running a seamless eCommerce business, integration is everything. With 64% of eCommerce businesses using multiple platforms—from Amazon and BigCommerce to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics—one of the most common challenges these businesses face is finding solutions that work together.

When we built ZiftrShop as a Next Generation eCommerce platform, we knew we would need to offer customers superior integration capabilities that play well with others—especially eCommerce MVPs like NetSuite that so many of the businesses we work with can’t live without.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a leading cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with more than 22,000 customers, specifically designed for businesses that have entered a substantial growth phase and need to rely on a robust and proven ERP system. NetSuite encompasses and unifies everything from ERP/financials to customer relationship management (CRM) to eCommerce.

For eCommerce businesses specifically, NetSuite’s infrastructure is integral in managing inventory, pricing, payments, orders, billing, customers and more.

Since NetSuite provides such powerful eCommerce capabilities, any worthwhile eCommerce platform must offer seamless integration. Those that don’t are still living in the past.

Why Is It So Important to Integrate NetSuite?

Simply put, when systems are working independently, there’s a much greater risk for errors and discrepancies. For example, if your product and inventory information are stored separately, that’s a surefire way to find yourself with inaccurate inventory levels. This, of course, can result in a loss of sales and have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.


When you integrate NetSuite with your eCommerce platform, instead of having two separate systems running on their own, you streamline everything into one central location. All the essential aspects of the eCommerce and ERP infrastructures communicate with each other to create a cohesive experience on the back end and the front end.


Choose ZiftrShop for Omnichannel Integration  


Omnichannel eCommerce solutions like ZiftrShop prioritize integration, because we know that an organized and streamlined approach to eCommerce improves user experience and promotes customer satisfaction, among other tangible benefits.


ZiftrShop not only integrates with NetSuite, but with Odoo and other ERP solutions, as well as marketplaces like Amazon, Overstock, eBay, Walmart and Rakuten.


With ZiftrShop, you can continue enjoying everything you love about NetSuite while benefiting from ZiftrShop’s unique abilities to grow your eCommerce business with innovative marketing solutions. At ZiftrShop, we believe that the future of eCommerce is limitless, and that means that integrations can’t be limited.


If this sounds like the kind of eCommerce approach you’ve been waiting for, let’s chat. Contact ZiftrShop today to learn more about our recent success stories and schedule a free consultation.