Telehealth is a growing service in the United States. This was true before COVID-19, but has dramatically accelerated and has stayed at those increased rates. According to aMcKinsey study Telehealth usage grew by 38x from pre-pandemic levels and has stabilized. Of those that used a telehealth service 40% said they would use that service again. This compares to just 11% prior to the pandemic. So behaviors have shifted out of a requirement, but the experience has delivered and shown a positive benefit for patients. 




We see this trend merging with eCommerce. In a similar way during the pandemic eCommerce transactions increased. The forecasts have the pandemic accelerating over $218 Billion dollars of additional eCommerce sales. This trend is expected to continue in a similar fashion as Telehealth. Consumers are forced to adopt technology and these digital services and have found that the convenience of the experience creates value for them as patients and consumers.





The next logical step with this trend is for the two worlds to combine their experience and convenience together. For example, if a patient is having a Telehealth consultation they can merge directly into a buying experience that ensures they purchase the right medications, therapy treatments, vitamins, and other ancillary needs. All while checking out with their insurance and/or credit card payment information.

To make this experience a reality brands will need to think through the patient/consumer journey. Brands will need integrations across payments, fulfillment, and shipping providers. This is where ZiftrShop comes in. Built as a 100% API-First platform a variety of integrations is a must. These API integrations, plus a robust compliance environment that provides SOC, PCI, and HIPAA is the core of ZiftrShop. If you see this as a growth area for your business let’s talk. We are excited to build the future of healthcare and eCommerce together with you.




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