When building or revamping a website, incorporating SEO is essential. However, many brands mistakenly believe that initial SEO setup is sufficient, and end up neglecting an ongoing strategy. Our latest article, featured on Search Engine Land, elucidates the vital steps in SEO during website development and the importance of maintaining an ongoing SEO program.


Here is a quick summary of the article:

Building a website or changing platforms involves plenty of moving parts. One crucial step is setting the site up for success in search engines. 

But after their new website goes live, some brands make a costly mistake – neglecting to develop an ongoing SEO strategy. 

“We integrated SEO into our site during development, so we don’t need an ongoing program” is a common misconception. 

They assume the initial setup was enough and rely on the content or social media team to handle the rest. However, this approach is similar to having a new lawn.

While it may look great initially, it will gradually lose its appeal without regular maintenance like mowing and fertilizing. Moreover, if your neighbor (i.e., a competitor) tends to their lawn properly, it will look even better.

This article breaks down some key steps during the website development (or replatform) phase and why the SEO process needs to be ongoing. 


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