Headless eCommerce, a blip on the radar just a few years ago is making waves across the digital landscape. And several major industries have risen to the top as those who plan to ride that wave and harness its potential power. Not surprisingly, they all require a nimble approach for rapid rollout of new products, as well as intuitive responsiveness to consumer needs. 


At ZiftrShop, we’ve seen clients wave goodbye to scaling issues and welcome a much higher number of daily transactions. One business that made the migration, soon after saw traffic of more than 800 concurrent users with transactions and zero degradation.


Another client offering health products was able to implement in about six weeks, integrating with a complex back-end API and gaining a resilient HIPAA-compliant data repository. The result? A high performance site through which customers can access their records securely and easily.


With each new launch or migration, we’re witnessing firsthand how these enterprises are leading the way, tapping into the limitless future that headless eCommerce has set in motion. Does your business fall into one of these industry categories? And if not, will it be next?


Healthcare Dives into Digital

In an industry so deeply tied to privacy and security, it is expected that it has taken something as drastic as a global pandemic to fully tip the scale toward online buying. Electronic Health Reporter stated in their recent overview of “eCommerce and the Medical Device Market,” “the COVID-19 pandemic has proven the value of medical device eCommerce as medical suppliers must increasingly rely on digital channels to service customers and grow their business.”


While expanding aging populations and an inclination to do more product research online had set things in motion within the healthcare industry, the last year has sped up the process tremendously. 


In the past, regulations surrounding HIPAA and even PCI kept some healthcare retailers out of the online market or seriously limited. But with out-of-the-box capabilities provided by cutting-edge commerce platforms, like ZiftrShop, those barriers have been removed. 


As Electronic Health Reporter noted, “For those that embrace eCommerce, a bigger slice of the pie awaits. And at a CAGR of 13.5% through 2026, the global medical supplies market is a large and juicy pie.”


Manufacturing Makes the Move

For manufacturers, the development and launch of new products to market is critical. In the recent past, this has been hindered by lag time for IT teams trying to meet company demands using monolithic tech. It’s also been impacted by instances where seemingly simple adjustments, like custom checkout flows, have brought potential sales to a grinding halt. 


“For these reasons, manufacturers are increasingly motivated to separate customer-facing layers (the systems at the customer (UI/UX)) and backend layers (commerce engine). This is where a headless commerce approach comes into play,” noted a recent article from Industry Today called “Manufacturers’ Future of Commerce is Headless.”


While migrating to a platform with this novel approach might give pause to someone who has been in the game a long time, for manufacturers, headless eCommerce holds the solutions they’ve been missing. 


It allows businesses to shift, restructure, and augment their strategy in response to new market demand, new product dynamics, or more sophisticated workflows. In an industry that is all about efficiency, this is a game changing moment. 


However, as Industry Today also noted, when making the move to headless eCommerce, “You need a clear strategy, experience, and technical expertise to implement it successfully.” It can be made virtually painless with the right team in place, like any of ZiftrShop’s trusted partners, who provide tailored technical support throughout the migration process


The only question now is, what will manufacturing look like over the next decade with revenues expected to grow by 6.9 percent just in the coming year? 


Retail Customers Raise the Bar

This is of course another area in which astounding increases in financial growth are predicted. An article from Forbes earlier this year estimated “17% of goods will be bought online in 2021, nearly doubling from 2016.” 


While this trend was already in motion, the pandemic has certainly accelerated it with consumers turning online during quarantines and lockdowns. Yes, this new reliance on digital purchasing has set a new standard for the level at which people buy online. However, it has also raised the bar for customer experience, and buyers have little tolerance for underperforming sites. 


Heavy online use has also made people more accustomed to tailored web experiences that adapt with them. This means the need for a next-gen platform, like ZiftrShop, which is designed to not only manage but intuitively scale with your business, is more critical than ever. 


In an article from Total Retail, which outlined “3 Headless Commerce Myths Busted,” the piece described, “The right headless commerce solution for an online retailer will be flexible, fluid and support changing needs with a microservices strategy.” 


Without being able to check each of those boxes, online retailers will find themselves falling quickly behind the pack as we move further into 2021. 


Cannabis Creates New Market Opportunities

Speaking of industries that are serving up a healthy slice of the eCommerce pie, cannabis enterprises are likely to make unprecedented strides in the next few years. “CBD, or cannabidiol, is a powerful market within the US. It is estimated that by 2024, the total value of CBD market will reach $20 billion,” described eCommerce Next in an article published late last year. 


While it’s an industry that typically grapples with hesitancy on the part of platform hosts, payment providers, shippers, and other key players, this lucrative market is not one to miss the boat on. 


Recognizing that it is a growing industry that needs support just like any other, ZiftrShop has already taken the lead on collaborating with diverse businesses within this sector. By seamlessly integrating necessities, such as AeroPay payments, ZiftrShop demonstrates commitment to following all legal guidelines for both consumers and businesses. An innovative industry and a leading-edge, headless eCommerce platform make the perfect match.


Not sure if ZiftrShop is the right fit for your growing industry and enterprise? Come explore this platform’s unparalleled options and find out why so many enterprises are choosing ZiftrShop to propel their business to a whole new level.